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Singing Springs Botanicals

Julie Peterson

100% natural, thoughtfully handcrafted, unique Ayuvedic apothecary line. The mission of these products is to promote well-being by having potent, therapeutic herbal remedies that are handcrafted and sourced organically, compassionately and resepectfully. Singing Springs Botanicals makes no exceptions when it comes to quality ingredients creating the most potent Ayurvedic herbs, remedies and products for balancing and healing.

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wishing star pottery

Deidra Krois

Wishing Star Pottery grew out of a simple mantra:

Make Art. Live Simply. Be Happy. Dream BIG.

Inspirational art that literally and emotionally speaks about a place, visual and tactile senses, adventure and love. Functional and decorative ceramics that display hand stamped words, quotes, poetry, original decal illustrations, hand drawn designs and textures. Honoring uniqueness and holding the authentic marks of a maker, the heart and passions are infused into all these beautiful creations.

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NO mind malaS

Hansa Devi

The No Mind Mala serves as a sweet reminder to take conscious steps out of the rational mind and dive back into the sacred space of the heart, hridayam, the core of being. Wear the mala as a reminder to tap into the depths of contentment and live in a constant state of rebirth. Let go of the mind and give way to the essence, the heart, the self. 

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medicine ranch

Joshua Getter MSAOM, LAC - Chinese Medicine

Josh is a licensed Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner based in Telluride, Colorado. He received his master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College at Boulder Colorado campus in December 2001. His business, Resource Oriental Medical Services, Inc. is the longest continuously serving acupuncture practice in the Telluride community.  His healing oriental Chinese medical line provides remedies for daily balance, ailments, restoration, and healing.

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Venus and Vetiver

Judy Godec

We are now being called upon to more consciously nurture our planet, our beloveds and, perhaps more radically, ourselves. Be open to the possibility that aligning with enlightened plant medicine will lead to more harmonious existence. Be open to the possibility that beauty and inspired self-care, practiced as ceremony, will enrich you beyond measure and will call forth healing and transformation.

 YOU are the manifestation of divine beauty.

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Bode Wellness

Bode Lobel- CBD Tinctures & Salves

Bodē Wellness cares deeply about your health and the health of the planet earth. These plant-based products are made with the highest-quality Colorado hemp extract, grown in organic soil, along with other potent medicinal plants from Mother Earth’s apothecary. We use low-impact extraction methods in a food-safe lab held to strict state and national standards. Our farm-based company cares that your path to health and wellness is paved with love, kindness, and joy.


A Cup of Sun

Stephanie Malsed- Certified Health Coach

Superfood for Mind, Body and Spirit!
A delightful healing blend of warming spices and herbs inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition. This easy to use paste supports the health of mind, body and spirit with the ability to detoxify, strengthen, support and increase vitality. The anti-inflammatory curcumin-rich Turmeric, activated by Black Pepper promotes absorption, and is paired with Coconut Oil for increased bioavailability. Ginger and Cardamom support healthy digestion while Cinnamon gives harmony to the flavors. Honey adds a sweet immunity boost, Ashwagandha reduces stress and anxiety and Chaga Mushrooms create a powerful antioxidant, anti-aging boost. The perfect companion to sunrise or sunset!

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erika moss gordon poetry

erika moss gordon

“Erika Moss Gordon lives in the now. Her generosity and strength is echoed in her work. Many of her poems are like modern Upanishads, gems of hard-won wisdom drawn in with every breath. The poems remind us to take in the landscape of our fears and dreams, to notice when they converge and when they transform, to examine how these inner landscapes mirror the natural world. This is a poet who delights in not finding the answers, but embracing uncertainty with mindfulness and a gratefulness of the heart." - Kierstin Bridger

Two collections available at the Shala:
PHASES (2016)


Sue Hill Jewelry

Sue Hill

Sue has a fascination with gemstones and creates pieces with a myriad of colors and shapes. The sheer vibrancy of the colors that are mined from the earth captures her imagination.  She is always on the lookout for unique stones on her travels throughout the western U.S. 

“Nature is amazing in the intricacy of the most simple designs.”  Sue Hill


bluecorn beeswax candles

With a deep love of beeswax and dedication to making exceptional candles, light your altar and home with these all natural, eco-friendly 100% beeswax candles. The act of lighting the flame by candle light is an essential part living in the light of heart and hearth.


Ally Crilly- Painter, Artist

Ally Crilly is a painter living in Ridgway, Colorado, whose work is inspired by elephants and their fierceness, beauty, wisdom, bravery and sorrow. Her inspiration was born from dreams of elephants while she was planning a voyage to Thailand to study yoga. She began painting for the first time after being a graphic designer for many years. Crilly loves art, mountains, family, yoga and figuring out how to be a human being. She works as an artist, yoga teacher and freelance graphic designer.C


high desert seed & gardens

All our seeds are grown in Colorado. They are  all open pollinated (OP),  and grown using low input (natural) methods. 

We are constantly searching for varieties that are rare, resilient, and robust for farmers and gardeners growing in high altitude regions - well, if it grows here, it will probably grow anywhere! We are also on the hunt for varieties that taste great and are just plain fun!